Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Friends in Town

Our good friends, D from Connecticut and R from Toronto, arrived Monday afternoon. They will be here for two weeks. So of course there will be much laughter, much eating and much of this over that time frame.

R, ever the curmudgeon, refuses to carry anything down here except for himself and one carry-on back pack. R, if you will recall, is the artist who makes the skulls. I pictured some of them in an earlier post. D is a different story. He will bring us down whatever we need - or want. He brought a whole duffle bag of stuff for us this trip. Among other things, more window alarms, more remote controls for the alarm AND my new camera!

I spent yesterday afternoon setting it up and took it downtown last night. I will be posting some pics later.

Today is R's officially older than dirt birthday so we are taking him to Olivia's to celebrate. He is getting so old now that you can actually see the lines forming on his face. It's like a cartoon being drawn in slow motion. (I know he won't read this until he returns to Toronto so I know I am safe saying that - for now!)


Jonna said...

Tell R. Happy Birthday from someone who shares the same day. I'm officially 1 year closer to old as dirt today.

I'll lift a drink across the water tonight.

CancunCanuck said...

Sweet new toy, I am suffering from camera envy!

Happy birthday to your amigos (and to Jonna!!!)

Billie said...

I'm waiting on the camera report blog entry. Hahaha!

wayne said...

I love this new camera. Today's post pics were all taken with the new camera. As were the movies tomorrow. Of course, I could use some professional help along the way!