Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Flat Tire in Mazatlan

On our trip this past summer we picked up a nail in a tire from somewhere. We limped along for awhile, filling the tire everyday using our portable air pump that plugs into the cigarette lighter. Finally, it got so bad that it was not holding air anymore. So we finally bit the bullet and pulled over to a volcanazado just outside of Mazatlan, on the road heading to Los Mochis.

At that point we did not know for sure that we had picked up a nail but I highly suspected it. He jacked up the car and took the tire into the shop to inspect it. While he had the tire off, I inspected the wheel.

I was shocked and annoyed to see this much rust on a two year old car. That's the salt air for you. Rusts everything made out of metal almost instantly. Looks like the muffler may be heading for an early grave too. Even though I had the car undercoated when I first bought it.

While he was patching the tire, I had a little look around. I think no matter what part you needed, he had it here.

After about 20 minutes he was done and reinstalled the tire. We couldn't get back on the road right away though. He wanted to chat. He had noticed our Quintana Roo license plate and wanted to know what it was like after Hurricane Wilma. We entertained him with all the horror stories and the story of what a great job CFE did after the storm also. Gave him something new to talk about at the dinner table that night. He was really a nice guy. Know what made the whole experience even nicer?

He only charged me 50 pesos! Less than $5 USD! I gave him a 20 peso tip, being the big spender that I am!


Heather said...

Wayne, I am in possession of a 1974 VW bus that hadn't run in 6 years. The mechanic towed it in (250 pesos! For a tow! How cheap!), replaced the fuel pump, brake thingies (I'm a girl) and some other hoses and parts and the grand total was 1,800 pesos. Try getting that stuff done in the US for under 180 bucks!

Now I've just got to shell out the big dough for the massive bodywork and paint. I'll blog it when it's done.

wayne said...

Heather: Be sure to take lots of before, during and after pics! You will be so glad you did.