Monday, January 21, 2008

What a Difference!

One week ago yesterday (Sunday) the weather was beautiful here. Warm, bright and sunny. It was that weather that inspired my tour of the island on the scooter. What a difference one week can make!

What is officially known as Cold Front #22 came storming in Saturday night. Temperatures plummetted to the low 70's and the winds picked up. Great cold blasts of air that sweep over you, taking every degree of body warmth you have with them. Or so it seems to us.

Sunday morning when I got up the ocean had turned its' stormy angry green and white. Forget the gorgeous blues. Sometime in the early afternoon I got up my courage to go across the street and dare to take a few pictures. What I don't suffer for my readers!

Here are a couple of views down by the water's edge.

I was so emboldened that I thought a video would be impressive too. Even though the wind was buffetting me about, flapping my windbreaker so bad I thought I might take flight. Just listen.

Feeling secure in my position, I thought I would go a few steps closer and get a bit more detail. Watch what happens when you don't pay attention to Mother Nature!

The weather was so frightful yesterday that I decided to make a big pot of my World Famous In My Own Mind Chili (TM). B decided to make a loaf of homemade garlic-onion bread to go along with it. The smells coming out of the kitchen almost drove us mad. Every time there was a break in the NFL Playoffs L would enquire as to how long before dinner. Actually, I'm putting it politely how he asked. It was more of a shout from the living room couch.

What with all of the bad stuff going on last week and how I was feeling, I did not get a chance to mention something important so I am doing it now.

Tuesday, January 15, B and I celebrated the 28th anniversary of our partnership. Twenty-eight years together without the benefit or need of any formal ceremony or paper to say we are a couple forever. We just are.


Heather said...

Wow, 28 years! That's impressive, M and I have only got 7.5 years under our belts and sometimes we want to throttle each other.


Brenda said...


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the anniversary amigo(s)

Juan Calypso

Jonna said...

Hey! 28 years is getting into the BIG numbers! Congratulations.

It's raining and cold down here at the opposite end of the state too. We're outside Chetumal, in cold (60's) grey and rain.

Mexico Way said...

Congrats! That's awesome. Must be the Chili. lol

Oh and great reporting weather man!

John W said...

Congratulations to the two of you, Wayne,and my wishes for many more.

harvestmoon said...

congratulations! I hope we can only do as well as you two. I made turkey soups (Soriana has had smoked turkey at 23 pesos/kilo for a while now) for the cold snaps. I've been wanting chili and maybe next norte I'll make it. So nice to see the sun again! FINALLY!

Again, many many congratulations!

wayne said...

Thanks everybody for the well wishes. As you coupled people know, sometimes it is a day to day struggle! But worth it or the years certainly would not have added up. Where does the time go?!