Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How Many Swallows Does It Take You?

Every time I see this over sized beer bottle downtown, it reminds me of my first beer drinking lesson here.

We had been invited by a friend and restauranteur here to visit his home town in the Yucatan. To read the full story, run over to my other blog. The post about visiting Akil. We were going to spend a week there. Sightseeing many Mayan ruins and cenotes that are not on the tourist maps. But, more importantly, we would be meeting a lot of his relatives who still live in this tiny village. But there was a small problem he wanted me to fix before we actually left on the voyage.

It seems I drink beer like a Gringo. More precisely, like an American. I sip. Or so he said. I disagreed. I drink just like everybody else. A polite swallow every now and then. It would be impolite to guzzle it. He disagreed with my disagreement. "To be a true Mexican beer drinker", he said, "you have to be able to swallow the whole bottle in one gulp!"

He went on to say that we could not go on this trip with him unless I learned to drink like a Mexican. (read like his relatives!) So I tried. Under his expert tutaluge, I downed many a bottle of beer in my attempt to consume the whole thing in one gulp. I never succeeded. Even though I gave it a valiant effort.

Finally, one night he announced that I was ready to go and he would not be embarrassed by me. I had finally gotten it to the point where I could down a bottle in three swallows. A feat I can still perform to this day. But don't. Unless there is a bet with money on the table!


Steve Cotton said...

I am in real trouble; I cannot stand beer. Wayne, do you think I should just fold up right now and head home? -- or perhaps I could join a remedial breer-drinking fraternity before my next trip. You may have found a great ice-breaker for the April get-together.

Hollito said...

Okay, time to write what everybody is expecting a german to write:

book your next holidays in Germany - I´m shure a few weeks of serious beer drinking here will make you a champion in this discipline. ;-)))))))

distance education -> http://www.bier.de


Regards and "Prost!", Hollito

wayne said...

Steve, you can survive very well without drinking beer. But why would you want to? LOL! How about tequilla? And no, I don't think I will be breaking any ice with my beer drinking tricks! I think I better stay fairly sober for that meeting!

Holito, I am very familiar with German beer, remember? Also Aepfelwoi. Had many a hangover from drinking that stuff in Sachsenhausen!