Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mexico Shots

While driving around Baja California Sur this past summer, we stopped at this overlook above Los Barriles. We weren't fooled for a second by these giant "palm trees". They are actually smoke stacks, or some kind of stack anyway, made to look like giant palm trees.

Are you laughing that they would actually think that somebody would believe that there was such a thing as a Jack and the Beanstalk palm tree? Well laugh again.

These are real, live giant palm trees in Santa Maria del Tule, Oaxaca. Look closely. That's me standing at the base of the one in the middle.


Brenda said...

I also have some photos of those "palm trees" in Los Barriles taken while we were there on our 7 week housesit. It is too bad we didn't "know" each other then or we could have gotten together for a cold one as I think you visited there while we were there.

Steve Cotton said...

Wayne --

I am willing to bet they are disguised cell phone towers. Around here we disguise them as fir trees.

Brenda said...

Thats what I thought too Steve and there was a small building close to them that had a Telmex sign on it; but when I asked someone they said No. Or maybe they didn't understand me lol. That's what they looked like though.

wayne said...

Brenda, we passed through there on June 8. We certainly could have hooked up.