Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Special Announcement!

I’ve had the opportunity to meet two fellow bloggers face to face now. And the experience was thrilling. Almost like meeting a celebrity! It got me to thinking, “Why can’t I meet the rest of my heros?” So I am going to give it a mighty try and here’s how:

Announcing the first ever Latin America Blogger Meeting!

My friend and fellow blogger, CancunCanuck, and I invite all of you bloggers in Latin America to join us for a weekend of fun and chat here on Isla Mujeres! (yes, this does include Caye Caulker and a certain La Gringa in Honduras!)

We are in the beginning planning stages but right now we think there will be a meet and greet reception on Friday, sightseeing, time at the beach, dinner and drinks (and maybe dancing!) on Saturday. There would be a farewell breakfast on Sunday for those of you that can bear to leave the island!

The proposed dates are April 17 - 19, 2008.

If anybody needs help with booking hotel rooms, just let me know. I will be glad to provide information on various hotels in all price ranges. I might even be able to swing a group discount if you all decide to stay at the same place.

So shoot me an email if you are interested and I will keep you advised as to further details. As the RSVP’s come in, I will list on the sidebar who will be attending.

If you know of any bloggers who do not read one of our blogs, please pass the word on to them.

Although this is more for we bloggers to get to know each other, lurkers are welcome too!


Anonymous said...

Wayne - Sounds like GREAT FUN!

We have to be in the States for the tax returns during that time (last year of this I hope).

We will be there in spirit - probably someone will document the event ;-)

John Calypso

Jonna said...

Mimi and I will be there! How cool! I think it is a great idea and what a lot of fun.

Juan, I think you and Anita should do your taxes early or get an extension and do them late and come on over.

Steve Cotton said...

Wayne --

Even though I am merely an honorary member of the group (my move has yet to occur), I would love to attend. Unfortunately, I will be a little bit further south (in Brazil) on that day. If that trip falls through, I will let you know.

Have a great event. And plan another when I am truly a Latin American blogger.

wayne said...

Jonna - Yeah!!!!!!!!

Juan and Anita - Boo!!! I agree with Jonna. Or do them online this year. You will be missed. Would it help if I promised you popcorn? LOL!

Brenda said...

Sounds like fun. Unfortunately it is too far for me to come just for the weekend. Guess we should have taken that housesit in Tulum. lol
Have fun and have a drink for me.

Anonymous said...

Wayne & Jonna -

Believe me when I write that if it were only the taxes I would in fact do as you suggest - we are currently down here on FMT's and have to be out of the Country before April and we have a load of stuff promised to be removed from our sold property in Colorado at that time - It just doesn't work out - But, count us in for the 2nd Annual Meeting.

We will be there in spirit I assure you and look to some good reporting. It would be cool to meet John Woods, Billie, Adrian (Eddie Wilders), and of course Michael Dickson, and so many others.

It is such an excellent community - anyone have fears of meeting up changing the fabric of the relationships?


Hollito said...

Too bad,
but I will not be able to come for a visit. All my holidays will be needed to visit my wife in El Paso, Tx.
But if I come to MX again (maybe not this year), I will try to get to the IM for shure!

Regards, Hollito

Tom and Debi Kuhn said...

I've added the dates to my calendar and think it would be a hoot to meet so many of you face to face. It's odd but you start to think you already know people when you know there kids names, pets good/bad habits, and all about their partners little pecadillos.


Theresa said...
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Marsosudiro said...

Darn that I'll miss!

I'm from North Carolina but thinking about moving to Mexico for most of 2008. I'm in Merida for two months (halfway gone, now), learning more Spanish and getting to know this new-to-me country.

I've been blogging for four years. Recent posts have been travel-centric (if not necessarily Merida-centric). Visit here any time if you like!


Meanwhile, I'll look forward to reading all of your fun words.

Theresa said...

I can't go after all. April 17th is the 15th birthday of a special girl, and we're celebrating on the 19th. Maybe I can make it to the 2nd annual blogger's conference?

Babs said...

JUST discovered your blog, and DARN I can't get there from San Miguel that fast since today is the 17th! BUT count me in for next year....