Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Bunnies and Chickens and Ducks, Oh My!

Finally. Christmas, New Year's and Three Kings Day are over. Not that I'm a party pooper. Far from it. But I do get tired of all of the hullabaloo, all of the crowds and especially the blocked off streets. There aren't that many alternative routes on this island!

As part of the Christmas celebration this year, the city put together this Nativity scene. Isn't it cute?

But take a closer look. Are those bunnies and chickens and ducks and turkeys I see there?

Yup, sure enough.

This poor bunny has seen better days. His left ear was glued back on.

Where I come from (Minnesota) the Nativity scenes usually have a donkey and a sheep. That's it. At first I thought adding all these other animals to the scene was hilarious. But then I got to thinking about it. Who are we to say that all the animals of the world were not present at the birth of Jesus? Why only a sheep and a donkey? I think the Catholics here have the right idea. All animals should have a chance to come and adore him too.

Now we just have to get through another Karnival season and our presidential (mayor) elections and we can take a breath. Oh wait. High season too. Oh my!

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Steve Cotton said...

Great post. When I was in La Manzanilla last Christmas, I ran across a nativity in front of the police station. All of the usual suspects were there: shepherds, wise men, sheep, camels. Along with what appeared to be Marie Antoinette in a shepherdess outfit and -- right in front of the crèche -- a tiger. (I wish i could attach the picture. Maybe I will put it on my blog.)

But, you are correct. All creatures should have a chance to come and adore Jesus.