Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Conversation in Passing

We were downtown the other day running errands. We had to stop and buy a couple cartons of pop on the way home so we took the road that runs on the bay side of the island. This road is much wider than the one on the ocean side.

Up ahead we spied a golf cart with four tourists on it. It was weaving from one side of the lane to the other, sometimes even crossing the line. The passengers on the back were having a jolly old time. Even when they almost got bounced off the thing because the driver did not slow down for the speed bump. We could see the passengers were drinking beer.

As we approached and I waited for an opportunity to pass, L said to slow down when we got abreast of them. Then the usually reserved and mild manner Brit among us stuck his head out the window and had this to say:

"Oy! This is not a bloody Disney theme park here. Real people live here and you could hurt somebody with the way you are driving. That's a licensed vehicle, not a bloody toy! And put away the beer while you're driving. You're just being stupid, stupid, stupid!"

They answered him in the language known to all. This is what they said:

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Steve Cotton said...

I am happy to hear you did not respond with the universal response of pushing the golf cart into the ditch. You may need to add another line in your manners posting.