Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just Some Stuff for You

Looks like the weather has finally turned the corner again. That Cold Front #22 was a killer! It's not so much that the air temp is cold. It's the wind. They say wind chill cannot be measured in temps above 50F. I say it can. The forecast is for sunny skies again for awhile, temps in the low 80'sF again. Goody. Maybe I can find some time to get into the sun today.

Monday was a busy day. B had an co-worker from our former life visit for the day. He took her, her son, her brother and sister-in-law for a tour of the island. Then they came here for a tour of our house and life now. Then we went to lunch at our favorite loncheria at the market. He had stopped by last week and requested they make Pozole. Which they did and it was delicious.

Then we went shopping. Oh how I hate to shop the main street here. We just get those hawking merchants trained to leave us alone when we walk by and then, Bam! We have to take somebody shopping and they think we are interested in their crap for days afterwards. Wrong! It was a nice visit though. And they brought us a bag of genuine Native American harvested Wild Rice from Minnesota. What a treat. So Linda, if you are reading this, thanks again!

Last night was the full moon again. It was a lovely clear night so I grabbed the camera and headed across the street to try my hand at getting some photos of it again. I know. I know. I've posted pics of the full moon before. But I just love how it shines on the water. Also how it starts out orange and changes color as it rises in the sky. I took 45 pictures and only kept 5. I think I need Billie's help! At least I tried. So take a look at these and then, if you want to see more pretty pictures, head on over to my other blog. I have posted pictures of Costa Rican flowers today.


Mexico Way said...

I loved how bright the moon was last night. Although, I will say that a full moon always freaks me out because you know....the werewolves come out at night and such. And if not werewolves, then people turn absolutely nuts and people can't drive worth nada.

wayne said...

I had forgotten that aspect of the full moon! How well I remember when I worked in a law office what the full moon did to our already daffy clients. Glad to be out of there!

Steve Cotton said...

But some of us are still stuck in a similar office.

I could have used one of your moon pictures for my posting last night. The moon was fantastic up here, as well. Even though it was a tad colder than where you are.

CancunCanuck said...

Lovely pics Wayne.