Thursday, January 24, 2008

Accidents Do Happen

I always have my camera with me wherever I go. At least since I started blogging. Ya never know when a photo op will appear.

Yesterday I was all over this island running errands. Do ya think I saw even one remotely interesting thing? Nope. Nada. Nothing.

So yesterday afternoon I decided to wash and wax the car. I rinse it off every other day to keep the salt build up down, but every once in awhile I have to bite the bullet and give it a good scrubbing. So I moved the car out of the carport and parked it in front and got busy.

I had almost finished when for some reason I looked up at the street. Don't know why. I saw an SUV coming down the road and it looked like it was towing a motorscooter on a long rope. As the guy being pulled approached, he glanced over to see what I was doing. Big mistake. Big, big mistake.

He somehow got some slack in the rope. As the car (which was going WAY too fast to begin with) caught up the slack, it jerked the guy on the motorscooter. I saw the handlebars start to wobble and he promptly lost control of it. Down went the scooter (a Honda Beat like mine only not as pretty!) taking the rider with it. They got dragged along the road for about 30 feet with the rider caught under the bike. Somehow the bike jumped off him. The bike went screeching one way and the rider just kept rolling down the road before coming to a halt in a heap in front of the next door neighbor's yard. I was scared he was dead or seriously injured.

I dropped what I was doing and, before running over to see if I could help, I yelled for B to bring the camera. First things first! By that time he was up and trying to gather his sunglasses and flip flops. I found one in my yard and walked it over to them. I took one look at him and told him to come into the house. I have a first aid kit and stuff and he needed to clean those wounds. This was after he said he was NOT going to the clinic to get taken care of. He and the driver declined assistance.

Man, his feet were a bloody mess. They must have gotten dragged pretty good. Not a scratch to be seen on his upper body though. His legs were all roughed up and doing that thing where wounds ooze this yellow stuff instead of blood. I encouraged them to go to the clinic. I doubt that they will though. He will be one sore fellow today.

I know both of these guys from downtown. One owns a business and the other works for him. I hope the owner gives him the day off today. Wanna know the best part? The owner leaves the scooter on the side of the road and says he will send a pick up truck back for it! So why didn't he just send a truck to get it in the first place????? The young rider better give thanks that he was not hurt more seriously. This is a busy road out front and cars literally zoom by because it is a long stretch with no speed bumps. Lucky a car wasn't coming from the other direction when he did his horizontal dance across the road. I would have hated to see something really serious. This was bad enough.

Here are the pictures I got. They are trying to fix the scooter into an upright position. The kid in the black T-shirt was on the scooter. Notice the lack of helmut too.


Anonymous said...

My first thoughts were how stupid these guys are – then I remembered the summer I spent rebuilding an old Indian motorcycle. It was so stiff with new rings and all that I couldn’t kick it over. So I had my friend pull the bike with me on it behind my parent’s car.

When the motor ‘caught’ the bike lunged forward at a fast clip smack into the back of the parents Cadillac – stupid, dumb and dumber! Thanks for jogging my memory ;-)

John Calypso

Mexico Way said...

I'm just going to shake my head because there's nothing else that I can do. This doesn't surprise me at all yet I still don't get the stupidity involved in it all.

CancunCanuck said...

They are very lucky it wasn't much worse. My heart would have been pounding watching all that go down!

Anonymous said...

When on Isla or anywhere else in Mexico my camera is always ready to take the photo of what most people would not believe without the proof.
I have enjoyed reading your blog and started my own on Blogger today.

Todd said...

I yelled for B to bring the camera. First things first!

Priceless line! LOL

You are a heartless blogger!


Is the blogisphere a harsh mistress?

Love the blog, all the best,