Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wednesday Already!

I swear I don't know where the time goes here. One minute it's Sunday and we just returned from our little trip, the next it's Wednesday already! You'd think I'd been really busy or something, but I haven't. Life is like that here. One day just blends into the next.

Both L and I have been busy downloading movies from the internet. No, not that kind! Feature films. He bought some cables the other day that allow us to play movies from our computer directly to the TV. Nice. In a world where it is difficult to find a good movie to rent, it's nice to have this option. There are video rentals stores on the island but you have to be very careful that you rent one that has the option of English and is not just overdubbed in Spanish. Now we have a way to catch up on movies we have been wanting to see.

Our weather has been really icky this week. Lots of off and on rain and wind. And really cold at night. Dipping down to the high 60's. (I'm not even going to apologize to my Northern readers. That is extremely cold to us!) We think it may have something to do with the approach of TS Olga. She is still on a path directly for us.

We're keeping a watchful eye on her but are not expecting too much. She wants to form into a hurricane but it is just too late in the season. (I hope!) The water is too cold to let her form properly. We expect to get some wind and lots of rain this weekend.

Yesterday was the day the Virgin Guadelupe pilgrims returned to the island. They left on November 25, were transported to Mexico City and then rode bicycles back to the island. They do this every year. I'm not sure which sacred day or event this commemorates. There are just too many of them to keep track. Anyway, when the pilgrims return, all the devout walk around the entire perimeter of the island. They started passing our house around 7 PM last night and they were still passing at midnight. I think every Catholic on the island participates.

Time to refill the ol' coffee cup. Have a great day everybody!

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