Thursday, December 13, 2007

Seen on Isla

This island wasn't always the booming tourist destination that it is now. It started out life (in modern times) as a sleepy little fishing village. I remember that when I first started visiting here as a tourist in 1990 many of the streets were still dirt. And there were a lot of buildings that looked like this:

Alas, there are only just a few of these old, wooden fishing huts left now. Sadly, nobody seems to care. This is a good example of them. The few that are left are tumbling down and not being maintained. A lot of them have been destroyed by storms also. Or by development. It is such a pity. They have such character. (insert heavy sigh here)

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missplatt said...

I absolutely love the colors! When I was visiting in October all I could notice were the colors and the hand painted signs.