Thursday, December 06, 2007

It May be Somebody's Dream

If you are travelling south on the island, about a mile before you reach my house, you will see this sign advertising this lot for sale.

I know you can't see the sign very well, so go ahead, click on the next picture. When you have taken a good look at it, c'mon back. I'll wait.

Nope, you are not reading it wrong. The asking price is a little over 3 million, US dollars. And that is only for the part colored in as white. Did you notice the brown strip at the top? Where it says "Playa"? That's beach, folks.
Sounds great, doesn't it. Property right on the beach! But if you are wondering what kind of beach you will have, well, here it is:

Need I say more?


Andee said...

Jeez, you guys are millionaires. Very cool. Lovely beach.

Anonymous said...

Wayne - there is a lot of 'that' going around. This kind of nonsense pricing has helped bring the US housing market to its knees - sometimes it does hurt to ask. ;-)

John Calypso