Friday, December 07, 2007

End of the Week for Me

Winter seems to be the time that the bougainvillea is at its' brightest. Brilliant reds, salmons, pinks and white are everywhere. It never ceases to amaze me how big some of these bushes get down here. In Minnesota, we were lucky to have some in a hanging pot, which of course froze out and had to be thrown away every fall. Sometimes, when I am out and about on my scooter, I will just stop and stare at some of these plants. Can you tell I like them?

I was shocked at the number of comments yesterday's post generated. Most of them from anonymous readers here on the island, judging from the timber of the comments. Oooh, was I taken to task for ridiculing somebody's right to ask what they think is a fair price for a piece of property. Now really. Would I poke fun at something in my blog? Well, maybe. And since it is MY blog, I chose not to publish these rude comments. It was bad enough that I had to read them, I'm not going to subject my other two readers to them also.

In other news, as my regular readers know, I do not post on Sundays. Well this week I will not be posting on Saturday either. The three of us are taking a little weekend road trip. I'll tell you about it on Monday when we get back. Enjoy your weekend everybody!


Brenda said...

Have a fun trip.

Anonymous said...

Wayne - Happy to see my comment is part of the reason you got some negative ones?

I tend to leave my negative comments unless they are very rude (use of language). Things would get pretty dull if everyone agreed with me - and there is no chance of THAT happening ;-)

It is your Blog - read my comments that relate somewhat on my latest entry ;-)

Have a great weekend my friend.

Juan Calypso

CancunCanuck said...

Have a great trip, I love the flowers too! Your call on the rude comments, but now you've piqued my interest, haha. :)

La Gringa said...

Oh, darn! I was hoping to read the nasty comments. ;-)

I think I'm going to do a "Nasty reader award" for the next one I get. I saw that on another blog and got a chuckle from it.

I've noticed that most of my nasty comments are from "politically correct" gringos, not Hondurans, who usually agree with me! I put "PC" in parentheses because they say things to me that they would never say to an immigrant in the US, which I find funny and not very PC.