Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Red Sky at Night...

Isn't Mother Nature a glorious lady sometimes? Last night a storm was moving in with these huge clouds and rain falling out of them out to sea. It happened just as the sun was setting so they were lit with this wonderful subdued color. I love living here at times like these. For your enjoyment today, I would like to share this piece of joy with you.


Billie said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Wayne - nice photos.

Red sky at night sailors delight. I bet you are having a lovely day today - as we are here in Xico.

Saludos - John Calypso

Brenda said...

Very pretty.

Andee said...

Very nice.
How do you have a sunset on the eastern side of an inland?
I am, as always, confused.

wayne said...

billie: a compliment from you is a compliment indeed!

andee: it's the reflection of the sunset shining on the clouds, not the actually sun going down out there

brenda: I thought you would enjoy these!

John: You are so right. Today is a beautiful still day, like in August. I can see deep into the still, clear water. Gorgeous.