Thursday, November 29, 2007

Home Delivery

Yesterday was the day O was scheduled to clean the cabana between renters. I knew she would be here at 2:00 PM because she is always on time. I was finally trying to catch up on some household things, like ironing shirts (if I don't do it, who will??) so I closed the back door. She has keys to everything and really doesn't need to interact with us. I usually enjoy talking to her but I had things to do yesterday and just didn't see any reason to chit chat. I heard her arrive and get her stuff out of the laundry area that she needs for cleaning. Like the Pledge. That woman will spray Pledge on anything that stands still. Anyway...

I was standing at the ironing board when I heard somebody shouting "Hola! Hola!" from the front porch. What now? I went to the door and found a taxi driver that I don't know standing there. He asked me if I owned a red Pointer. The question really caused me alarm because I had just left the mechanic's a few hours before where my car was sitting without a battery in it. I replied in the affirmative. He made a vague sweeping motion with his arm towards Asshole's house and said my car was there. What??? My car?? I went down the front steps with him and lo and behold, there sat my car. In the passenger seat was Chino, the body repair guy and in the backseat were two more taxi drivers. For some reason, and I don't really care to know why, they decided to pile into my car with its' new battery and deliver it to me! I just started laughing. Then they all started to laugh. I asked them if there was a fiesta in my car and they said yes, go buy us some beer! Then we laughed even more. While this was going on, Roberto, another taxi driver who hangs out at the mechanic's a lot, pulled up in his taxi. He speaks very good English so I guess he had followed along to translate. And to tell me how much I owed.

My total bill was 850 pesos, around $82 US. This included an emergency service call, hauling my car from where I had left it to the shop, a trip to Cancun to buy a new battery, the battery itself, installation of the battery, replacement of an interior door handle that somebody broke while they were drunk the other night and finally, personal door to door delivery. Where else but in Mexico! Don't ya just love it here sometimes!


Anonymous said...

here you would probably pay that much for a new battery-maybe more, i haven't priced one in a while. so that is definitely a great bargain!

i'm almost counting down the days to chacala-5 1/2 weeks. it's been snowing since last night-but very lightly so we only have about 3+ inches. it looks so pretty, still, i'm ready for warm weather.

have a great weekend!


CancunCanuck said...

Great story, I am envious of your "small town" living. One day, when I win the Melate, I will become an even closer neighbour and that's a promise (and a threat, haha). I miss knowing everyone and having everyone know me (well, there were some things they didn't need to know, but it was life on an island!)