Wednesday, November 28, 2007

All Hooked Up & Car Woes

Finally, things are feeling a little more secure around here. Our friend, D, came out yesterday and we spent a considerable amount of time hooking up the alarm system he brought down with them. About time! He leaves to return to CT today!

I'm really pleased with it. We now have sensors on all the windows and doors and motion detectors outside that also set off the alarms. I am not going to say where they are though. Boy, are the alarms loud! It even has these things like light timers. If the alarm is triggered, the lamps all flash on and off. I asked why we need such a feature. D said it is for just in case the burglar is deaf. Seeing the lights flash will tell him that something is going on and he better scram! Even though I feel much more secure now, I still want to string the concertina wire I talked about earlier. That is a matter of ongoing debate around here, to say the least!

I drove into town to pick D up yesterday and we stopped about halfway home to pick up some fire grilled chicken for lunch. When we got back in the car I turned the ignition switch as usual. It made a slight cracking sound and then nothing. I popped the hood and D and I stood there and pretended like we knew what we were looking at. (actually I was just showing him how much rust there is after only 2 years!) Seriously, D knows a little about cars. It was decided that either the battery was dead or the leads had so much corrosion on them again we were not getting a charge. So D decided to push me to see if we could jump start it. No luck. We finally just left it parked at the curb, grabbed our chicken and hailed a cab back to the house.

After lunch I jumped on the scooter and drove over to the mechanic's. He said that after he ate lunch, he would go fix it and drive it back to my house. If he couldn't fix it, he would let me know. We had not heard from him and there was no car in my driveway yet at 8:00 PM last night. I knew we would not be hearing from him after that so we grabbed a cab for downtown and had our last dinner here with D.

So after breakfast today I will be checking on the car and going over to speak to the mechanic again. He doesn't open until 10:00 AM or later so no sense in going over there before that. The fun just never stops around here.


CancunCanuck said...

That´s some serious alarm! Does it notify the cops too or just try to scare the bad guys away with sound and light? :)

wayne said...

CC: It wouldn't do any good to have the system call the cops. We have to call Cancun and then they notify Isla if there is a problem. I forgot to mention though that there is a feature that if the alarm goes off, it will dial you with a prerecorded message so you can get your butt home! Except that it is American and will only accept 12 digits. Mexican cell phone numbers are 13! Maybe we can talk a friend with a land line into getting the call and then calling our cell phone. We'll see.