Tuesday, November 06, 2007


So what was the date yesterday? Oh yeah, November 5th. Not October 31st. And yet again we had a bunch of kids on our porch last night yelling "Quermos Halloween!" (we want Halloween)Ridiculous. L went out to talk to them. They did NOT get a treat. He tried to explain to them that it is only one night. They kept saying, no, no, no! He asked them when it was then. They said for one month! He told them that they should go study it some more if they were going to celebrate a holiday they did not understand.

I don't like that the big corporations down here, mostly WalMart to be sure, are pushing Halloween on the kids. They don't understand it and it is not a celebration for them. Besides, I believe the church down here is frowning upon celebrating it. They think it is a night of devil worship which is wrong, wrong, wrong. The kids all dress up the same too. White faces with black circles around the eyes, sometimes with lipstick blood coming out their mouths. If you want to see a picture of what I mean, jump on over to Brenda's blog. Brenda and Roy on my sidebar. Go ahead, I'll wait for you here.

The other thing that can stop now is this wind. I can't even ride my motorscooter right now because the wind would blow me over. (I know, the Mexicans still ride theirs everywhere, but I have a choice) It's impossible to do anything outside right now. It's the kind of wind that gets very irritating after only a few minutes of being in it. Oh well, a good excuse to put off weed whacking the yard next door for a few more days!

I forgot to mention earlier that two new laws went into effect here November 1st. And the police are enforcing them. The first is cell phones. No talking on a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle. This includes scooters and golf carts. (tourists beware. You will be stopped and fined on the spot) Secondly, no children on drivers' laps or between drivers' legs on golf carts or motorscooters. This second one is devasting to the local community. For most families, a motorscooter is the family car. It is not unusual to see 5 or more people piled onto one. Usually the oldest child is standing in front of Dad, holding onto the speedometer panel, next is the toddler between Dad and passenger Mom. Last is the baby, being held in Mom's arms. Very, very dangerous. Oh, the things I have seen on motorscooters. I'm glad they are cracking down on this. There was an accident recently and the Mom had to have a leg amputated. I think that is what made them finally start enforcing this law.

Ok, off to Cancun again today. I hope I don't get seasick on the ferry due to the high waves caused by the high winds.

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