Sunday, November 04, 2007

It's Sunday but I'm So Ashamed

Outraged is more like it. Let me tell you why.

Yesterday we spent 9.5 hours in Cancun shopping. We bought and had installed four new tires for the car. Then we went to Sam's Club, WalMart, Plaza Cancun shopping center, CostCo and Soriana. At every one of these places there were volunteers out front collecting relief for the victims in Tabasco.

You could donate money, which they gladly took, but they really wanted groceries. They all had little "stores" set up. You took whatever item you wanted, rice, beans, milk, toilet paper, etc, to the cashier, paid for it and then gave it to the volunteers. They then stacked it in the appropriate pile. It was heartwarming to see this massive effort for relief everywhere. There was even a sign at one of them, Soriana I think, that said "They helped us after Wilma. Now it's our turn. Give!" And people were lined up, patiently waiting to give back some of what they had been given.

Guess what community govenrnment is doing NOTHING to help? Could it be the island that I love so dearly? Could it be my own Isla Mujeres? I was just reading today's paper and found out that this is true. The people of the island want to help but the municipal government (and the Red Cross here!) is not interested. The Major says that what with the town treasurer resigning with no notice, the Day of the Dead celebrations and government offices being closed, she just has too much on her plate right now to get involved in a relief effort. The local paper is not being kind to her.

I wish I could make her read Kathy's blog, so she could see what real people do to help each other after a disaster.

I am outraged and ashamed of our Mayor right now. Normally I like her. You know that. But this is just too selfishly callous. Needless to say, we bought rice or beans at every opportunity yesterday. It wasn't much, but at least we did something for the poor innocent victims of this newest disaster.

So now you know why I felt it important enough to break my no posting on Sunday rule.

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