Saturday, November 03, 2007

Shopping trip and tires and stuff

We have gas! Of the propane kind. We took our tank down to the ferry again yesterday and waited. A gas truck full of tanks offloaded and then just kept right on going. Totally ignoring me and the few other people all standing there beside our empty tanks. I was just about to load my tank back up and follow him when yet another truck full of tanks offloaded. This one pulled over. It would seem that there are two trucks. One can never win around here. Feast or famine. I swapped out my tank for a cost of 200 pesos. (divide by 10.48 for US dollars. We are sinking fast!) I tried to buy a second tank to have on hand. He told me he didn't have any. I pointed to the oh, I don't know, maybe 70 full tanks he had on his truck. He said he had no extras today. Wait until next month. Yeah, right. That's what you told me last time too Dude. We are going to buy one of those small tanks like you use on gas grills today. We'll use that next time we run out until we figure out the new system. And trust me, six months from now the system will be totally different again.

We went to a private invite only grand opening of a new restaurant downtown last night. It promises to be a good one. The very nice and very business savvy young Israeli couple who owned Manana coffee shop have opened a new place. It is very swanky and quietly upscale. Totally different for downtown. They feature Middle Eastern food. Next time we go I'll be taking pictures and stuff. Very nice place. It was too crowded in there last night to try to get any shots of the interior.

Are you guys following the disaster in Tabasco? Wow. Sixteen inches of rain in 48 hours and more to come. And the mudslides are starting in Chiapas also. Over 100,000 people there are currently homeless. Tabasco is dominating the news so you don't hear much about that. We have been to Villahermosa several times and I just can't imagine a city of that size totally under water. I pity anybody who wants to drive Mexico 180 to or from the USA right now. Won't be possible because it goes right through Villahermosa and most of Tabasco.

Taking the car to Cancun today. Major stock up grocery shopping trip AND we are getting four new tires on the Pointer. Even though the car is only two years old, the tires are almost bald. We've put a lot of miles on that little thing since we've had it. We've driven practically every inch of Mexico in that thing.

Because this was such a boring post today, I am going to leave you with a pretty picture. Well, I think it's pretty anyway. It's the setting sun reflecting off the water back up onto the clouds. Enjoy and have a nice weekend.

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