Monday, November 26, 2007

In a Whirlwind

Life has been chaotic around here the past week. By chaotic I mean that most days I have at least two things that had to be done! I feel like I'm living in a whirlwind of activity right now.

Last Tuesday we had new renters arrive for the cabana AND our friend from CT came back down to visit for a week. It's always nice to see him but doubly so this time. Why? Because he carried down our new whole house alarm system for us! Granted, we have yet to install anything, but it's here. Taunting us with all its' bells and alarms and such. Just haven't had the amount of free time needed to concentrate on installing it yet. Hope to get to that tomorrow.

On Thursday a couple more friends arrived. This time from Maryland. The women we call "The Sisters". They actually have real names too! They brought down a bunch of surprise goodies for us. Including a 3# box of chocolates! I haven't opened it yet for fear of what will happen when I do. I will get tired of getting up from the computer to go get a piece and eventually bring the whole box over here. That would spell certain doom for the whole box!

We have been busy trying to keep up with household stuff and still spend plenty of time with our guests. It's a whirlwind, but a pleasant one.

Today I have two major errands to do. I have to take a friends' motorscooter to the shop to have some repair work done. Then I have to take my own car to the mechanic to have an interior door handle replaced. Poor B has had to roll down the window and reach out to open the door every time we go someplace. Of course, both of things depend upon whether or not the parts are in yet. They were both supposed to be in last Saturday but I got the standard "No Hay"** response when I checked. Let's hope they are there today.

** No Hay, pronounced no-hi, means I don't have it. It's the standard response to almost every question asked at the grocery store or any big box store. The only way to know for sure is to look yourself.

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