Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fulll Moon Rising

I've had my little Canon PowerShot A520 for about two years now. You'd think I would be familiar with it by now, wouldn't you. It has a lot of features that even reading the manual I don't understand. Billie of Billie's Blog (see sidebar) would probably laugh at me. Or at least roll her eyes. Here's the sort of full moon picture I used to take.

L, who is quite the photographer in his own right, got tired of me complaining that I could not get a good full moon picture. So he grabs the camera, goes push, push, click, click and resets all the exposures and technical stuff like that. Presto! My camera takes night pictures now! And he never even glanced at the manual! Here's my first attempt at the moon on the water in front of my house.

And here's the second. I like that you can actually see the beach and the waves coming in. It was spooky over there in the dark though so I didn't stay long.

So what do you think? Good or should I give it another try?


Andee said...

Hey, those are really nice moonshots. I guess reading the manual, or having a competent photographer friend, makes all the difference.

I have nearly the same camera,a Canon, Powershot 620. Everytime I read a piece of the manual it makes a little more sense.

Good work.

Billie said...

These are good but always give it another try. The clouds are always different, the water different and the moon moves around the sky so start a series of moon shots now that you know how. You do know how don't you? Which click clicks you need to do?
Just teasing....

Brenda said...

Very nice.

wayne said...

Thanks for the compliments. Not sure I deserve it since all I did was run across the street, point and click. Well, I screwed the tripod on also!
Billie, you made me laugh. I wrote down step by step what he told me so I think I will be able to do it again. Maybe.

Anonymous said...

spectacular shots wayne. i've never had any luck photographing the moon-maybe when i get a digital. yes, i have been called a dinosaur because i still have a point and shoot.

happy sunday!


La Gringa said...

So what are those click-clicks that you need to do? Mine still look like your first shot. Ho-hum.