Friday, October 19, 2007

We are not alone in this!

The last few posts have been ones I have stored in draft. Haven't felt much like writing. I have been trying to live by that adage lately that if life gives you lemons. But my lemonade has been really sour. Between the continuing break ins, my friends' tragic and untimely death and my friends Adrian and Rosie leaving for the USA, and a few other things, life has been just one blow after the other lately. But now I have purchased some new lemons and will try to get back in shape. Depression over, back to the living!

I was talking to one of my Mexican neighbors who lives on the street behind me. I told her about the burglary. Lo and behold, she got hit on Saturday night too! She has a dog in the house that barked and woke her up. She didn't see anything so went back to bed. Next morning she discovered that her new garden hose was missing from the yard. She told her neighbor across the street. Also Mexican. The same thief had stolen all her laundry off the line over night! Then Sunday night the thief returned, probably for the clothespins! and she got a look at him as he was runnng away. All she could tell was that he was very, very fat. (mmmm, we just happen to have a drunken neighbor that I call Fatso) So the neighborhood is up in arms and rightly so. Maybe the Mexicans can get something done. We sure can't.

I was telling O yesterday about it too. She gasped and said somebody was snooping around her house but her dogs chased them off. She doesn't even live around here. She thinks that there is a rash of burglaries for two reasons. 1) the tremendous of amount of guest construction workers on the island who have no ties here and 2) the economy being so terribly, terribly bad right now. People are desparate since tourism is so off. People are having to buy groceries on credit. In desparate times, people resort to desparate measures.

Yesterday was B's birthday. I'm not saying how old! But it is old, trust me! He didn't want any fuss and no presents. All he requested was that I make him this for his birthday dinner:

It's my homemade chili con carne. One of the few things this non-cook can make. There was lots of crunchy garlic bread for dipping too. I also baked a chocolate cake and made homemade frosting! I am usually a spread the can frosting type of guy.

So life is getting back on track and I refuse to be unhappy about things I cannot control.


Brenda said...

Chin up. Belated Happy Birthday B.. I thought you said that you can't cook--that looks yummy.

Gardener in Chacala said...

You sound better. Life is amazingly wonderful so much of the time. And then sometimes I forget that for awhile. Have a nice dinner. Andee