Saturday, October 20, 2007

Another Cactus Flower

Cactus are amazing plants. I never really appreciated them before moving here. To be fair, we don't grow very many of them in Minnesota! One variety in particular I find interesting. It is the Mexican Fencepost Cactus. If you want the scientific name, this is the wrong blog! Here you can see how it probably got its' name.

I have specimens of this plant in my garden in front of the cabana. Some of them have withstood four hurricanes and are still standing! They can grow to be very tall. I have found that they make an excellent container plant also. Adding drama and height where you need it. The best part though is that they put out these flowers:

They are a night bloomer so you have to be alert or a very early riser to see them fully open. I have some put out as many as eight blooms at once. Very striking. If you are looking for something for your patio, I would readily recommend this cactus. As always, you can click to make these larger and see the beautiful detail of the flower.

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Anonymous said...

i wrote twice in the last few days but for some reason the comments didn't go through. trying to figure out what i did wrong. anyway, your chili looked delicious! any progress on the thief being caught? if not, i hope he gets caught soon. beautiful flower pictures!