Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bahia Cacaluta

One of the special places we wanted to visit while on our car trip this summer was this place:

It is a very secluded beach on the Pacific. It is located in Huatulco, southeast of Oaxaca. The reason why we wanted to see it is because this is the "secret" beach that the three travellers were looking so hard for in Y Tu Mama Tambien. It is beautiful but totally not safe for swimming. I will be writing more about this special place in my other blog, but it will be awhile before the story of this summers' trip gets posted!
Meantime, enjoy the beauty of this beach.

The one thing that we really didn't like was the lack of shade. There is an old fence surrounding what looks like it might have been a turtle hatchery at some point. The wind was blowing pretty hard that day so we made our own shade!


Anonymous said...

Why isn't the water safe? Giant turtles?

wayne said...

I wish! What you can't see in the pictures is that this beach ends at the water. No gentle slope, it just drops straight down. As a result, the water drops like as in a waterfall and creates a deadly whirlpool that sucks you to the bottom of the ocean. Probably the reason why this beach is never used.

Anonymous said...

hey! I live in huatulco, and about every month I go to Cacaluta, walking in the forest. This place isn't that dangereous to swim... the western part of the beach is safe, but as every beaches on the pacific coast you have to be careful with the current! Cacaluta is one of my favourite, just after San Agustin, and before Organo! San Agustin is very good for swimming, and snorkeling!