Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Talk with the Architecta

We had the architect who designed the cabana come over last night. We wanted her input as to how best to protect it and our house from future entry. Without destroying the lines of either house. We really don't want to raise anymore walls. Here is what she thinks we should use:

Yup. That's concertina wire. Not barb wire. She assures us that it is available here on the island. Ok then. Shall we make our place look like a prisoner of war camp? Because that's what it feels like already anyway. Here is her grand idea:

She thinks we should sink poles into the border fence where the neighbors are able to climb over it. Then string the wire between the poles. Then repeat the same thing for a short distance on our house where they are able to jump from the cabana to our roof. We would then have a new gate made utilizing the wire on the top section so that nobody can climb over it. If we do the gate out of aluminum, they would just be able to bend it to get in. Maybe we will have to go with iron, which will last all of six months down here.
It will be ugly beyond belief but if it means we can sleep soundly at night and safely leave our house unattended, I'm all for it.
I asked her about the neighbor's new addition that they have just built this week. That would be added on to Fatso's house. She said that the government has supplied all the material and is paying for all the labor. How nice for them. I guess he didn't get enough money from the computers he probably stole from me to pay for it himself. Of course, I have no proof that it was him but everything fits. Here is a picture of him that I snuck up on my front balcony and took:

This his new addition. I think it actually may be for the fishermen who live in the tar paper house. Not sure though. But they did tear apart most of the TP house to be able to build this. It just makes that lot next door all the prettier, doesn't it? The wall we built certainly does separate two different worlds. (I know I am sounding a bit prejudiced here. But it only refers to the one specific guy. I am learning to really despise him.)

Here's what the front yard looks like. Actually it is federal zone property. I bet that shit stays there until the weeds cover it up. Anybody wanna take that bet??


el oso said...

Iron bars can last several years if you wire brush them and repaint with rust resistant paint about every 6 months. Also bars can be made with aluminum. There is a house near Comex that has them. chk it out.

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about putting broken bottles into the cement on top of your walls....I've seen a few properties on the island with that kind of security system. It seems like quite a good deterrent It's pretty cheap and you're helping the environment by recycling your Sol bottles. :)

wayne said...

One of our problems is that the cabana is rental property. We don't want to freak people out and we don't want them to get hurt either. I think a fence would be more attention grabbing to them and they might forget about the bottles and try to lean on the wall or something. It is a no win situation either way. If we go with the fence though, we have decided that doing it on our house would be enough.

When the weather clears, I take a run over to Comex and try to find the house you mean. A little apprehensive about aluminum. The last burlgars used a crowbar to bend the aluminum window frame on the cabana. When we were on vacation this summer, the burglar(s) also pried open and totally ruined our back screen door, which is also aluminum. I don't have much faith in its' strength.