Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mexico Changed Today

Just a reminder that Mexico has now gone off Daylight Savings Time. We set our clocks back one hour overnight. This doesn't happen in the USA until November 2.

This next week is going to be confusing, to say the least! My laptop is set to USA timezones and region. Otherwise most pages will load in Spanish! I had to change to Mexico City zone this morning to get my computer to show the correct Mexican time.

Now I just have to remember to reset it next Sunday!


Anonymous said...


I love the concertina wire photos. it's brilliant. Too bad it's so creepy in real life.

see you.

Billie said...

I don't bother changing my computer clock.....It is just for one week. I can deal with it. hahaha!

wayne said...

I'm such a dizzy twit sometimes that I have to change it. I hardly ever know which way is up anyway so trying to remember what is the true time would just kick my butt!