Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Rainy days, lunches and visits

It's only 8:30 AM and I can't believe all that I have gotten done already this morning. Of course, getting my butt out of bed at approximately 6:03 AM helps!

We were up early because we had offered to take our friend, P, to the ferry this morning at 7:30. She has to catch a flight back to New England where she will be visiting family for three weeks. I will miss her.

Yesterday the three of us picked her up and headed downtown for a farewell lunch. We went to the fishermen's co-op restaurant. The seafood is so fresh and good there. Part of what they bring in goes to the restaurant and they all share the profits. (which are pretty slim right now!) I again had the shrimp ceviche. Actually I shared it with L. One portion is just too much for one person. The large helping, which we shared, is 100 pesos. So about $5 for enough shrimp to choke a horse!

After we dropped P off at the ferry, we swung around to the grocery store. Early in the morning like that is a great time to shop. Hardly anybody in there crowding the tiny aisles and no fighting at the meat or cheese counters! And no waiting at check out either! Then we headed for home but stopped at the CFE office to pay our electric bills first.

We get three of them a month. One for the cabana and two for this house. The upstairs here is on a separate account. That sure makes it easy for L to pay for the electricity he uses in his office! The office where you pay your bill opens at 7. We were there at 8. B had to wait because they hadn't even turned on their computers yet! Too busy doing hair, fingernails, make-up and chatting.

We are definitely in the rainy season right now. Gray, gloomy days bringing us everything from sprinkles to downright scary thunderstorms. We were sitting at the dining room table around 9:30 last night and all of a sudden the wind just came rushing through the house. We knew what was coming and scrambled to shut windows. It seemed like hurricane force winds and rain descended upon us out of nowhere. Plastic outdoor furniture was flying everywhere. But I was not about to go out and rescue it. About five minutes before it hit both cats were at the back door meowing to get in. They must have known it was coming.

Got an email from our friend D in CT. He was here for a week in August and brought B his computer. He is coming back for another week in late November. Unfortunately, the cabana is rented so he is going to have to stay downtown where it will be more inconvenient to visit all the time. Guess I better get busy and think if there is anything we want him to bring down for us this time around!

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Anonymous said...

I love being out and about first thing in the morning. Even in Chacala it's nice to see workers raking the sane at restaurants, fisherman coming in with their catch, woman cooking. Mornings are nice.

When I am in a new town, like Oaxaca last month, I love being out at dawn, and to wander around, seeing what's up. And I like the morning light for photos.

What was international trash day, or whatever. We have Chacala trash day every weekend, but I didn't know there was an Internation Day. verygood.