Monday, October 08, 2007

Beach Clean Up

Saturday was world wide beach clean up day. Isla Mujeres participated.

Our local paper reported that over 1 ton of garbage, mostly in the form of plastic pop bottles, disposable wrapper and beer bottles was picked up. They started at the ferries downtown and worked their way around to where the beach ends across from Avalon Reef Club.

They also stated that over 200 people participated. Local school children, taxi drivers, employees of tour agencies, employees of bars and hotels and members of the newly formed "Green Patrol". This latter ones are the ones that cleaned up the beach across from us. The paper very boldly stated that they were disappointed that there were no representatives from the Hotel Na-Balam nor the Avalon Reef Club taking part. Two of the bigger hotels on the beach.
I like this. It just shows again that there is beginning to be a change of attitude regarding littering around here.

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Hollito said...

One ton of light garbage? That's a can more or less count about 100kg for 1 cubic metre of this (believe me, I am in the recycling business), so this will be a whoppin' 10 cubic metres of garbage...
I hope there will be a better sense about littering in MX, as this is one thing I really do not like there: No matter where you are, there is always garbage around! You can stop your car in the middle of nowhere, and you will find plastic bottles, cans, plastic bags and all this crap. :-(
I wonder why - until now - there is no company in MX collecting and sorting plastics, as you can make a lot of money with this business. You can also shredder it and use it as a fuel for power plants and cement factories.
I hope one day they will understand and littering will get less...