Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I can cook???

Those of you familiar with this blog and my life down here should be familiar with our cooking schedule by now. We take turns. Because I always "forget" who's turn it is to cook, L has posted a rota on the refrigerator showing who's turn it is. Darn. Anyway, last night was my turn. I hate to cook and I am really not very good at it. It is a huge flaw in my otherwise perfect personality. I do ok with one-pot meals, like chili or some form of hotdish or pizza. Cooking a regular meal that requires co-ordination and timing makes me want to just stick my head in the oven or sends me to the corner where I crouch in a fetal position. Yes, I am that bad.

Last night it all came together for me. I am still scratching my head about it and, since I am blogging about it, you can tell it was big deal to me. I made oven baked chicken breasts coated in jalapeno flavored potato chip crumbs, mashed potatoes with gravy and a green salad. Normally, the chicken would be burning because I am still waiting for the potatoes to boil. Or everything would be getting cold because I forgot to sterilize the lettuce. Somehow, something would not be ready in time to be served with everything else. Not last night. It all came together like a wonderful sympathy.

The best part? B and L actually complimented me on the meal and said I could cook it again anytime I wanted! Normally I get the impression from them that they would like to distract me while the other one runs to the garbage and scraps their plates clean. They usually say things about my meals like "It's allright" or "At least you tried". Encouraging things like that. I think they felt that last night some positive reinforcement was in order.

Honestly though. I don't know why they allow me to cook. Couldn't I just do all the clean up or something and leave it to them. They are both excellent cooks and just don't understand how stressful it is to me. And now I have a new reputation to uphold. Save me!


Billie said...

Since I like to cook but hate to clean up, I think we could make a trade. you use a cookbook? My favorite magazine is Fine Cooking because the recipes are not outrageous and can be prepared in a reasonable amount of time and I can usually find the ingredients here in San Miguel.Maybe you could get a copy and really bedazzle your house mates.

wayne said...

LOL! Got a laugh out of that Billie! I've seen some of the meals you have cooked (at least the delicious pics you post) and I would gladly make that exchange.
If this magazine available in Mexico? Maybe I can find it in Canucn.

Brenda said...

Way to go, sounds yummy. We divvy up the duties also, mostly I cook and Roy cleans up. I prefer cooking to cleaning up also.