Monday, October 22, 2007

On the Market

Remember this place?

It's the house on the end of Sac Bajo. I told you all the story of how the guy who owned it traded it away to pay off his drinking debt. (or so the local legend goes!) A realtor friend of mine told me that it has finally come onto the market. So, for those of you interested in moving here, the asking price is a cool three million dollars!!! I seriously doubt that they will get that much, but close to it though.

In other news:

The weather has been just crappy lately. Just little peeks of sun here and there. The rainy season is really upon us now. Andee, from My Life In Chacala, was saying in her blog that she can tell when there is a storm out to sea. It's the same way here. Waves are much closer together, much larger and the brilliant blue color turns to green. At least the fans can be turned off since it is cooler now. We still leave all the ceiling fans on all the time. Not to cool the place down but to help circulate air so that things don't get musty from all the humidity.

Dillum's remains were returned to his family in the Yucatan last Saturday. Haven't heard if there will be a memorial service here on the island. I hope so but am doubting it. That is not the sort of thing they do here. People (including me) are still in a semi state of shock over his death. He had told his friend Carlos that he didn't like Canada and had a ticket for Oct 24 to return to the island. I think that is going to be a very hard day for Carlos.

Our renter came over yesterday and mentioned that she had absolutely no water. She has rented from us before and I know her to be self-sufficient and not a whiner so I was concerned. I knew it was not that she could not figure out how to work the shower or something. I went over and checked. No water. I went up on the roof and checked the water tank. It was totally empty! Those things hold like 500 liters of water. I couldn't find anything wrong with the fittings and then it hit me. I raced out front where the faucet handle is that controls the flow of water to the tank from the street supply. Sure enough. Somebody had turned it off! So of course the tank went empty because it was not being topped off on a daily basis! I turned it on and water immediately started pouring into the tank. I asked her to wait about 30 minutes and she should have enough water to shower. But Grrrrrrr! What a childish prank for somebody to do. I have my suspicions of who it was.

Yesterday was such a blah day that we rented movies and watched them most of the day. We were stuck in the house anyway. At least I got a lot done on my Christmas knitting projects!

Ok, off to see what my Blogger friends have been up to all weekend! Oh, John C from Xico, please send me an email.


Anonymous said...

Oh, it's so fun to see my name in print.

I have the same water facuet problem. And I know it's my landlady's husband. His brain is fried, god knows what he think's he's doing.

I am considering buying that place, for a two week a year hide-away. What do you think?

I love to knit. But I hate the yarn I have found down here.What do you knit for Christmas? I am very curious.

wayne said...

LOL Andee! Go for it! Maybe you can talk them down to 2.5 million! I can't tell you what I am knitting here because some of the recipients read this blog!