Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Some Silly Things

There's a new bus stop directly across the street from the high school. As part of it, they have installed three new trash containers. Which the kids actually use! While driving by the other day, I noticed that the kids have tried to zing them up a bit. I think this is modeling clay. All three of them have something on them but this is the best one.

The other day I was standing on the front porch watching it rain. Yes, I do get that bored sometimes! Golf carts are a big rental item on the island. They have governors on them to control the top speed. (thank goodness!!) Top speed, petal to the metal, is 15 KMH or 10 MPH. Certainly not fast enough to outrun a storm as these ladies found out.

R sent me some more pictures of his skulls. They are all good but I liked this one the best. Notice the wax lips! It's Nefertiti by the way.

B and I were in the grocery store the other day. The fruits and veggies are stacked on sloping tables so most Mexicans cannot reach the stuff at the top. Makes the choices for us tall people better! Anyway, this Mexican lady was trying to reach a good looking papaya at the top. Unsuccessfully. She very politely asked B (who is 6'1") if he could get it for her. Which he did. Her daughter, aged about 9 and still in her very clean and spiffy school uniform piped up with a very clear and distinct "Thank you!" I was very impressed. Not only at the thoughtfulness but with the pronounciation. Spanish speaking people have great difficulty with our TH sound. She pronounced it perfectly. I think she is going to go far in her English classes.

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