Saturday, October 06, 2007

Ants, mosquitoes and hangovers

Yesterday was a busy day around here. Oh, there was the usual amount of morning web surfing, online news reading and game playing, but we somehow managed to turn off the computers and actually get some stuff done.

With all of the rain we have been getting, guess what I had to do? Yup. Mow the yard again. It seems like I just did it. In the process, I uncovered four fire ant nests. I am just not messing around with them anymore. They are mean and dangerous. I recently bought some white chemical dust substance that you sprinkle on the nests. I'm sure that it is poisonous as hell but I don't care. They got a liberal dosing of it and they didn't like it at all! I checked later and there was not an ant to be seen. My foot and ankle are covered with little red welts where they swarmed me before I knew they were there. Little monsters.

L went to change the cat water bowl yesterday and discovered that overnight it had become a mosquito larvae hatching center! Yuk. So then we were on the search for any other container that could hold even a drop of water. We found more of them in the plant watering can.

We were sitting on the porch late in the afternoon and a car pulled into our driveway. A woman we know in passing was driving. Long story short, she rented the cabana for a whole month for a friend of hers who is coming down next Friday! So now we are booked almost solid through New Year's. Ka-ching!

I'm really glad to be having somebody over there again. More activity and another pair of eyes in the neighborhood. What with the stuff going on around here lately that I am not allowed to talk about, it is a good thing to have more people around.

Ok, off to nurse my hangover. We went out last night and ended up having way too much fun!

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Anonymous said...

I got bite in the neck yesterday while I was checking the phone line I have brought over from my neighbor's house. For my Infinitum connection. The line is strung on tree branches. Something came out of nowhere and got me. Really hurt. But I had a little container of frozen strawberries that I held onto the bite and that seemed to help, after an hour or so. No numbness and I'm not in agony, so it was probably only a wasp or something. Not a scorpion.

I got about 40 red ant stings last week while trying to move a planter my neighbor gave me. First my ankles, then my arms. It took me a minute to realize what was happening. Then I jumped in the pool that helped alot.

Be careful. Andee