Friday, October 05, 2007

It's almost scary!

There is something weird going on around here. Let me tell you why I think so.

Since I now have my renewed FM3 in hand, it was time to get my expired (shhh!) Mexican drivers licenses renewed. I have two, one for the car and one for the motorscooter. I took copies of my FM3, a utility bill with my name and address and my old drivers licenses and stopped in at the police station. The lady there could not have been nicer. I was in and out of there in fifteen minutes, two new licenses in hand! They even take your digital photo there and do a digital fingerprint to put on the license. Before, you had to go to a photo shop and come back with the photos. I could not believe how incredibly efficient and polite they were. And this one is good until 2009!

our new police station

Then the biggie. The resident card for discounted price on the car ferry to Cancun. You'll remember last year they denied it to me stating it was only for Mexicans. We have a new Human Rights office now and I was all set to file suit against them if they discriminated against me again. I was ready for them. I had copies of everything they could possible want, plus photos. I walked into their office and explained what I wanted and handed the guy my sheaf of papers. He disappeared into the director's office. I was expecting and was ready for a fight when he came out. But no. Five minutes later he came out with the director, who introduced himself to me and then they handed me the paper I had copied my car title on. On it was hand written by the director "Approved for local resident rate". He had then signed it and it had their official stamp on it. Wham, bam, done. I was astonished at the change in attitude since last year.

And remember how I have mentioned how polite and helpful they were at Immigration this year? What is going on??? Is something happening to the national psyche or what? Is there some campaign going on to eliminate red tape and to give better service? Whatever it is, I am all for it! It almost makes me want to take on the rudest, most inefficient company of all, TelMex.

In other news, I see we will be having bacon again tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

I hope this new way of doing business spreads to other states. It definitely hasn't reached Nayarit yet.
Except, oddly enough, Telmex seems to have turned over a new leaf. I asked for an Infinitum connection (high speed internet) the middle of Friday afternoon. On Monday morning the router,installation CD, and directions arrived, with a note that the phone line would be ready for the internet connection by Wednesday noon. On Wednesday before noon a Telmex guy called to make sure everything was okay. It was. AMAZING. Telmex is usually terrible, but this time with was great.