Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My final Dean post

Is everyone as sick of hearing about Dean as I am? I thought so. This will be my last post about the stupid hurricane and then on to everyday, boring life again! I do have some video footage of the surge that I may upload if YouTube ever lets me log in again. Don't know what is going on there. It looks like Veracruz is getting hit hard today. Poor John over at Viva Veracruz. I think they are still in the USA and probably have done nothing to prepare. They are probably getting pounded with tons of rain even as I write this. I took 100's of before pictures and yesterday morning drove around to survey any damage. There was none to be found! A blessing I guess but not very good blog material! LOL! So here are a few photos for you to gaze upon today. Click to enlarge them. The detail is good in most of them.

This was taken in Sac Bajo. I think every small boat, yacht and sailboat from Cancun was brought over to our safe harbor. Most were just moored at the many marinas along this swampy inlet. They were trying to get this one out of the water. I don't know where they thought they were going to take it.

Ah. My little cabana and source of income. All boarded up and ready to take whatever comes its' way.

Notice that I keep track of every hurricane that comes our way. Dean was our fourth and he has now been added to the scoreboard!

This is the road that leads to Avalon Reef Club and Hotel Nabalam. It always floods but it wasn't too bad yesterday. Just over ankle deep. But boy did it smell! I think some sewage was in there somewhere!

The road that leads to North Beach and ends at Hotel Maria del Mar. The hotel put up this netting to catch any incoming debris. I've never seen them do this before but it's a pretty good idea.

This is what the beach just behind the netting looked like. Mostly seaweed and flip flops. Where do all these single flip flops come from anyway? (these skinny pics are panoramas so you really should click on these)

My street. From left to right: Fatso's house, the three drunk fishermen's house (yes, they were outside drunk as skunks again and did nothing to prepare their house), my cabana, my house (I hadn't put boards up downstairs yet. I wait until the last minute to cover the front because it blocks any breeze we may get in the house), Asshole's house. He is not currently here and nothing was done to protect his windows. I was secretly (or maybe not so secretly!) hoping that Dean would take his foolish palapa with him!), J&E's house and then an empty lot. When we moved here the cabana was a cardboard house like the fishermen's, our house was lived in by Mexicans. The green and the white house did not exist. They were small homes owned by Mexicans. We thought we had bought into a Mexican neighborhood. That didn't take long to change though. I must admit, I do like having my friends, J&E, so close to us.

Finally, this is what I normally see when I stand on my front porch.

This is what I saw yesterday morning.

Finally, I would like to again thank all of you for your well wishes and words of encouragement during this. It really meant a lot to me to hear from all of you. It's like having this giant network of unknown friends and that is a great feeling.


Debbie said...

Hi Wayne, glad to hear that you are safe and doing well. I love looking at the pictures you post and look forward to seeing more of them in the future. (((HUGS)))

Anonymous said...

Hi Wayne,

I'm so glad that the bad stuff more or less missed Isla this time. I'm happy to have discovered your blog though as I was looking for information about what it was like on the island during this. We at one time lived on our sailboat there and have spent many vacations there - it's such a special place. Thanks for keeping everyone posted. i will enjoy reading it even when there is no disaster looming.

Delray Beach FL

jubilada said...

Hello from Canada.

I have just discovered your blog, through someone else who left a comment on my fledgling blog. I'm excited to read it, because, before my husband and I decided to settle in Lake Chapala, we were yearly visitors to Isla Mujeres and hold her dearly in our hearts. I'm loving your photos of familiar places, and I'm so very glad you weren't badly hit by Dean.

Thanks for your posts, which I will savour with my morning coffee.