Thursday, August 23, 2007

Back to normal

Ah. Back to our normal, humdrum boring lives. Ain't it great! Except yesterday was anything but boring. It was a transition day. Transitioning back to normal mode.

Because it had still been so windy on Tuesday, we weren't able to do much around here. We spent the greater part of the day yesterday finishing removing boards from all the windows, picking up litter that had blown around, resetting the post with the basket on top for garbage and cleaning and resetting the patio. That was a major chore!

We have no garden so we have to do everything in pots. All those pots (seems like hundreds when they have to be carried up a flight of stairs for safety!) were removed so this gave us the perfect opportunity to give the cement patio a good scrubbing. That done, we brought all the pots back down from the upstairs bedroom where they were stored. B spent some time repotting some of them and then came the fun part. Figuring out where to put them again! Some are shade loving, some sun and some don't care. I have no idea which is which. Only B knows for sure. He can also tell you the names of all of them. I can identify maybe 5 or 6. It was a lot of work but it sure looks nice back there again.

Later in the afternoon I got on my motorscooter and went for a ride. It hadn't been out all week and needed to be run. I headed for the cliffs on the south end of the island. I was astonished to see that my prediction about the cliffs there was correct. This is one of the places I had taken a "before" picture. The place I had stood to take the picture was no longer there! That piece of rock was now lying in a crashed heap at the bottom of the cliff. Yikes. As I was further driving around the island, I had an idea. I placed my camera on the left handle grip and put it on movie mode. So I now have movies of what the island looks like as you drive around on a motor scoooter! I enthusiastically downloaded them to the computer and showed B and L. They both walked away shaking their heads. They said that the movies made them both feel car sick and that I should not post them. I'll leave it to you readers to decide. Anybody want to take a ride with me on my scooter???

I'll leave you with these photos. In 1988, Hurricane Gilbert swept across this island, almost totally destroying it. These two boats were swept away and ended up beached on the northern most point of Sac Bajo. They were never removed and just lie there to this day, rusting away and serving as a constant reminder to people of the power of hurricanes. The one on the left is our old car ferry; the one on the right is a fishing boat.

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Brenda said...

Sure post your videos, why not? I need some excitement right now. LOL
Besides if I get sick, you won't have to clean it up. LOL