Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dean, Dean, don't be mean!

I was going to tell the story of what happened with the car insurance today, but it will have to wait. I have a bigger problem to discuss.

Yesterday and last night were horrible here. I talked about the torrential rains yesterday. They continued all day and well into the night last night. About every half hour or so we would get hit. From my research, it looked like we were getting hit with the southwest side of Tropical Storm Erin, which landed in Texas. At times the rain was coming down sideways from the south. An unusual direction here. Most storms come in from the east or north. It was so bad we had water running down one of the interior walls.

And now we have Hurricane Dean bearing down on us. It has strengthened to a Cat 1 overnight. It is still days away, predicted to hit the Yucatan next Tuesday, so I think this guy is going to just get bigger. Damn, damn, damn! I am keeping a close watch on it.

Having lived through three hurricanes our first two years here, we kind of know what to do now to get ready. This morning we are stocking up on purified water. We will have six 20 liter bottles, which should be enough. This afternoon we will pull the hurricane kit out of storage and go through that and check batteries, stuff like that. The nice thing for us is that the locals always wait until the last minute to get ready. I don't know why. That means we still have a good supply of stuff at the stores when we start our shopping.

Damn, damn, damn! Can you tell this is upsetting to me?? The ocean still looks really choppy and angry this morning from that storm yesterday. I doubt that it will settle down either.

Ok, off to clean the house before the cleaning lady gets here! L returns this evening. At least something good is looming on the horizon.

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Anonymous said...

We - my wife and I - are enjoying reading your blog. We have been frequent visitors of Isla for the past 5 years...we have also often thought of spending extended periods of time there. Could you give any advise on how to go about getting a piece of land or property there?

Thanks...we enjoyed you drive through the streets.

Kelly & Shannon
Alberta, Canada