Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Is it September already?

Our rainy season usually starts in September. August is the hottest month. Temps in the 90's or more and little, if any, breeze. In fact, there is a saying here that goes "Still as August" when something is really quiet. I call August the baby powder month. Everybody is coated with baby powder to absorb the sweat. This August has been totally different.

It is still hotter than Hades most days but we are getting the September rains. Big, torrential downpours. The kind that flood the streets within minutes. The kind that brings traffic to a standstill. I guess I don't mind it so much except for how it interferes with things that need to get done. Like laundry.

We have our own washing machine but no dryer. Waste of energy here. We hang clothes on the lines we installed on the upstairs patio. We currently have seven sets of sheets and as many towels waiting to be washed. I think we are going to have to bite the bullet and take them to the laundry lady to do. There are no self serve laundromats on the island. It adds up when the cabana has renters that need fresh linen and then we had a houseguest for a few days also.

Speaking of which, D left for CT yesterday morning and I have now heard that he arrived back safely. It was a short but delightful visit. It was so incredibly nice of him to come all the way down here for such a short time, just so that he could deliver a new computer to B. It always amazes that there are so many nice people in the world.

L returns home tomorrow after being gone to England for a month. Whenever he goes back to England, or is around other British people, his accent gets really heavy again. He denies that he starts to talk with an American accent when he is around us, but don't believe him! It will be nice to have him home again.

Both cats are currently in the house. They were on the front porch this morning crying to be let in out of the rain. Of course I complied! They have now been fed and are curled up in their favorite spots, happily dreaming of whatever cats dream about! The weather is so dreary, maybe I'll join them for awhile!

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