Friday, July 13, 2007

Seen on Isla

This house is located at the very end of Sac Bajo, the narrow finger of land that sticks out from the western side of the island. It stands at the entrance to the lagoon where most of the big fishing boats moor.
The local story behind this house, true or not, is quite interesting. It goes like this:
Back in the very old days, like maybe 25-30 years ago, Sac Bajo had no road to it. To access this house or any of the scattered dwellings along this side of the island, you had to use a boat. Likewise, the only way into town was by boat. The owner of this house was a fisherman and he liked to go to town quite often and visit his favorite cantina. Over time, he racked up quite a bill since the owner of the cantina wisely gave him credit. After a few years, the cantina owner called in the bills as due. The fisherman had no money to pay his huge debt. The cantina owner graciously offered to rip them up in exchange for the deed to this house. As far as I know, the house is still owned by the cantina owner or his descendents.
Sadly, nobody lives there. Maybe a caretaker because I see somebody there every once in awhile, just walking around. The place is falling apart as the sea and salt takes its' toll. I can't figure out why this place has not been sold to some rich gringo yet. It is probably a million dollar piece of property with that location.

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Hollito said...

What a nice house! Looks really interesting.
I hope you are fine.

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