Monday, July 16, 2007

Down to Two

L leaves in just a few hours to return to England for a month. Back to gray skies and temps in the 60's for the high! Brrr. But he is looking forward to it. Myself, after that big trip we just took, I am just glad to sit my butt to home! At least for awhile anyway. L is really looking forward to this. All of his siblings will be there at the same time, sort of a family reunion. Then a side trip to Portugal to visit friends. We will miss him greatly while he is gone.

Finding a new laptop here with both an English keyboard and operating system is proving to be very, very difficult. I hope someday that the thief returns when I am home so I can do some massive physical harm to him. We still don't have the back doors properly fixed from the damage he did getting in. The same old story of "I'll be there at suchandsuch a time" but then never showing up. I learned long ago that it does no good to get upset about workers not showing up when they say they will. Does no good to track them down again either. I wish I could fix it myself but that is impossible. I just don't have the knowledge or skill or right equipment. A trip to Dallas or someplace close may be in the cards for the near future to go computer shopping. We'll see.

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