Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lunch with the fishermen

Yesterday B had to go downtown to get his stitches out. He can finally go in the water again so we will be heading off to the beach this morning. It's Thursday remember! If we try to stick around we will just get swept out of the house by O anyway so she can clean.

The fishermen's co-op has finally gotten there shit together. They have recently finished the new building to house their business so they have a central spot to unload their fish everyday. They used to just unload wherever along the beach. If you wanted to buy a fish, you had to find them. The new place, across from the Harbor Master, also has a brand new, air conditioned restaurant. It is right on the water and there is also seating outside where you can watch them unload boats. Or just sitting around BSing with each other! Did I mention that it is cheap too?

The food is excellent and the menu selection is expansive. Only fish, shrimp and lobster though. Three of us shared a large shrimp ceviche and it was plenty. We had invited our friend, P, to join us and she added a laugh or two to the conversation! The food was excellent and I highly recommend it. I just hope it lasts. They are not doing any advertising that I can see and we were the only people there.

On a funny note, I was sitting at the computer last night and thought I was loosing my vision or something. I kept seeing something run across my eyes, like the floaters you see had broken loose and was going crazy. It was really driving me crazy. One minute clear vision, the next something running across my eyeball. I finally discovered that one of those little, itty bitty tiny ants we have was on the outside of my glasses and kept running around into my vision. Needless to say, I can see fine now but Mr Ant will see no more!

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