Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Only in Mexico!

This story reminds me of the moron who took a yardstick to bed with him so he could see how long he slept!

When the door got fixed this week, it also got a new coat of paint. The carpenter told me that the paint store mixed up too much. So I decided to head on down there and buy some of it. It is a custom color and I need some to touch up some of the windows.

So I get there and sure enough, he had almost a gallon left. I told him I wanted two liters of it. He proceeds to rummage around the shop and found an old 12" ruler. He then proceeded to stick it into the pail of paint, down to the bottom. He pulled it out and announced that there were 2.5 liters in the pail and then carefully dumped out 1/2 liter! I bought the rest.

Only in Mexico would they measure a liquid with a stick!


Brenda said...

Too funny. Yup, only in Mexico. Mind you, this is maybe why we love Mexico so much, it always keeps you wondering what will happen next.
Glad that your door is fixed.

Hollito said...

Believe it or not, a lot of the small cars built here after WWII had no fuel clock, so the people put in a ruler to look how much gasoline was in the tank! :-)

Norm said...

If you know the size of the can, it is foolproof. It saves paint because pouring it into a cup and then into the carryout can wastes the paint in the cup. The only wasted paint in the Mexican method is on the little ruler. Very smart practice for someone who sells paint. Not so smart to mix up more than needed in the first place.