Thursday, July 26, 2007

Blog work

My friends and family who read this blog know that I am a story writer. Everytime I take a trip, I write about the adventure. Sometimes maybe too much. It took me 42 chapters to tell the story of a two week trip to Costa Rica! I have hard copies of all the stories, but no digital copy. I know, I should have put them on a disc. They were on one of the computers that got stolen.

To remedy this, and to always have a digital copy, I have started a new blog. This blog deals only with my travel adventures in Mexico and Central America. I am trying to do it chronologically, so the first adventure goes back to 2004. I will work my way forward until, finally, I am telling the story of our most recent 7 week driving trip. If interested, you can check it out at

You may also have noticed that I figured out how to add a Blogroll! Once completed, I will be telling you all why I read each one. You may want to add one or two (or all!) of them to your list of "must reads" also!

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Hollito said...


a good idea to make a separate "Travel-Blog" - will have a look on it this evening.
And it is fine that you now have a blogroll too, the entries look interesting, just made a short visit to John's Blog - very nice!
Maybe you also want to add "Don Gringo" to your blogroll, have a look at
He shares a lot of the "mexican experiences" you make every day... ;-)

Regards, Holger "Hollito" from (today sunny, after weeks of rain ) Germany