Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Misc Stuff

It rained off and on all day yesterday. We sure needed it. It can stop now though. At least for a day or two.

The big news is that the back door is finally fixed! They took it away yesterday morning and brought it back at 7:30pm last night and reinstalled it. We are safe (!?) again. Total cost for parts and labor was 552 pesos, or about US$54. I just burned having to fork over that money. Once again vowing to do massive physical harm to anybody I catch trying to break in. When all is said and done, this latest burglary will have cost us close to $2000US. Maybe more. I don't want to add it all up or I might puke.

B won't let me buy a regular gun. He's probably right. I tried to talk him into a paint gun pistol at least. No dice there either. I figure if burglar is covered with paint it would make him easier to find. But B is right. I would probably get mad at the tourists and go up on the roof and shoot passing golf carts or something.

B's new computer is now purchased. A Toshiba from Best Buy. It will arrive with our friend D on August 11. Can't wait. This sharing of computers is for the birds. I am getting so far behind with reading all the blogs I follow! B still reads the Mpls Star Tribune on line everyday so that takes up most of the evening.

Weird thing this morning. I was sitting in the dining room having my morning coffee and I kept hearing a scratching kind of sound from the kitchen. I finally got up to look and discovered two small crabs wandering around. I got the broom and swept them out for the cats to deal with.

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