Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Putting on the brakes

While enjoying one of my favorite pastimes of riding my motorscooter around the island the other day, I stopped at the overlook by Parque Nacional Garrafon. The place was hopping with people waiting to use the zip line. I have never seen so many people in line for this particular and costly pleasure.

This unfortunate fellow, as macho as he probably thought he was, evidently got a little frightened and pulled on his brake too hard. Result? Stopping dead in the middle of the line. Stranded far above the ground.

Nothing to do when this happens but to send out the rescue guy.

They attached the line to him that the rescue guy has attaced to his body in the picture above. The rescue guy then uses his hands to get back to the station. Then they pull the unfortunate soul to safety.
Poor guy. They yelled at him for using his brake. I'm sure this gave him quite a complex for the rest of the ride. He still had 3 or 4 stations to zip to. I didn't stick around to see the rest of it.

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