Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Home, at last!

More about the trip later. It was a great trip with no accidents and, even more astounding, no bribes paid to anybody! That's a first! We drove a little over 9000 miles in the Pointer. We finally arrived home late yesterday afternoon.

The place was (is) a mess. Dirty, sticky floors from the sea salt blowing in through cracks and then 7 weeks of dust settling on it. Mold on the sheets, all the clothes smell musty. But we expected all that. Comes from living so close to the sea.

The damage to our back doors is bad. The thief used a crowbar to pop open the aluminum screen door, thus breaking all the locks and closing mechanisms. Then he used the bar to pry out three wooden slats in the window portion of the wooden back door. Then he climbed in. It is a terrible feeling, even though we knew it, to find your stuff strewn everywhere and your clothes and personal belongings ransacked. He did get B's computer after all, so a new computer is in his future. He also got, besides the old, broken one that I left out as a decoy, the two other computers that no longer work that were stored in the bedroom. One of them is my last one that I was going to take to Cancun to see if the pros over there could get it started. Too late now. So far, we know that he got four laptops, one cell phone and two pairs of shoes! It must be the same guy as earlier this year. He stole shoes too!

Some of our Mexican friends dropped by last night when they saw the lights on. It seems that burglaries are rampant on the island right now. They said that two weeks ago, their uncle's house was broken into three times the same week! Any house that looks like it might belong to a gringo is being targetted. And guess what? The police are turning a blind eye and not investigating a thing! They just shrug their shoulders and tell people to be more careful!

I would really like to get people organized and march on down to the police station and have a nice meeting with the chief, with as many people as I can muster. Show of strength. Of course, that is not going to happen. The repurcussions from the police force would be severe. One does not question authority down here.

Hopefully some nice stuff to report again tomorrow.

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