Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Busy times

Yesterday was one of those nonstop days. By 7:30am, L was on the back patio cleaning up. No easy task. It was covered with bird and iguana poop, coconut palm tree debris and just plain dirty. Our housecleaner, even before she was sleeping here at night, was coming over every other day to put out more food and water for the cat that got left here. Of course, she didn't eat it all and it attracted birds, iguanas and the occassional wild island cat for a free meal. It took him over three hours to get it scrubbed and clean but it is shining now!

Meanwhile, B did umpteen loads of laundry. Every piece of clothing has to be washed. Not just the ones from our trip, but all the ones the thief touched or threw on the floor. Plus all the bedding and towels. That sure adds up fast when we have guests renting the cabana.

I putzed around in the house, washing dishes and putting stuff back in order. O, the housecleaner came over special at 12:30pm to do the floors and screens. That gave us a mini break to run to the beach.

I must say, after all the beaches we have been too lately, if it had been my first time to our beach, I would not have been impressed. I do like the fact that the sand never gets hot but the beach itself was a mess. Plastic bottles, beer caps, potato chip wrappers and garbage everywhere. Must have been some storms out to sea because the beach was littered with decaying, smelly sea grass. The water was really warm but it had a strange smell. Not sewage, just kind of sickly sweet. Maybe because they are allowing lonchas that take tourists fishing to now anchor there. Oil and gas?

Back home and I spent two hot hours "mowing" the grass in front of the house and cabana. This is done with a power weed whip. The lawn looked like a mini jungle! After a short break, I washed the car and we called it an evening.

Today we host P for lunch. She took care of Simon for me and was very helpful after the break in. We have lots of presents for her and I'm sure she will be surprised by many of them.

Gotta go sweep the floors now. We are going to try to do this everyday now. Especially since we bought three handmade rugs in Oaxaca and want to keep them somewhat clean!

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