Sunday, June 03, 2007

Waiting for the ferry

Just killing time in Topolobampo, Sinora right now. Waiting for the ferry to La Paz which doesn´t leave until midnight. This place is a real pit but at least they have internet! I am so dreading this water crossing but the boat looks huge. It carries semi trucks and busses even! I always have a stash of Valium with me if things get to frazzled for me. At least it will be at night so (hopefully!) I will not be able to see around me and try to forget that we are actually on water, out of sight of land. My palms are starting to sweat as I type this!

Just got back last night from our sidetrip to the Copper Canyon. If you ever get a chance to take the train from Los Mochis to Creel, do it. Some of the most incredible landscapes I have ever seen. The only down side is that it takes 10 hours! I was not impressed with the indiginous people of the region, the Talahumara. I have never, ever seen such dirty, filthy feet on anybody in my whole life. Except maybe for this one homeless guy in Morelia. And the kids are just a bunch of beggars. Needless to say, they did not get a peso from me. I don´t believe in giving money to children. It just reinforces to them that begging is an ok thing to do. I don´t think these kids get much of an education though. And they all, every last one of them, no lie, had a snotty runny nose. And the adults were not much better. And judging by the way they all were constantly scratching at various body areas, I think they may have a problem with body lice as well.

So, hopefully, I will write again from beautiful, blazingly hot Baja South. Wish me luck on this damn crossing!


richard222 said...

You were "not impressed" with the indiginous people and they were dirty with snotty noses? And begging? Do you think that if you were dirty, sick and hungry that you might be reduced to begging?
I am sure that you did not let any thoughts of these poor people stop you from having a great time, just turn your head and ignore them, right?..............I am sure you will not print this....prove me wrong.

wayne said...

Richard, these people are definately not homeless dirty beggars. They are, however, filthy and I find no excuse for this. They have semi-modern homes with water and electricity and own their own land. Which is a sizeable chunk of real estate in this region. Some of them even had TV antennaes on the roof. I just think they could take a few moments a day to bathe, especially their feet. Perhaps it is just part of the act to get tourists to feel sorry for them and hand over a few pesos. Who knows. All I know is that I never give money to beggars...clean or dirty. They also have access to inexpensive medical care so whatever bug they all have that causes the runny noses could certainly be taken care of.

Brenda said...

Quote "Topolobampo, Sinora". It is Topolobampo, Sinaloa. The state north of Sinaloa is Sonora. Which by the way, is where I live in the city of Guaymas. We took the ferry from Topolobampo in May over to La Paz. We thought that the "California Star" was a beautiful ferry and very comfortble.
Just found your blog today and am enjoying reading it.