Thursday, June 14, 2007

Another burglary attempt

Well, the rotten thieves waited until we were at our furthest most point away from home before striking. We got a call from our house watcher while in Loreto, Baja, that somebody had broken the lock off the aluminum screen door and removed the wooden window slats from our back door. They could not get the door open so had to crawl through that opening. Lots of phone calls back and forth trying to determine what was missing. Evidently the thief planned on returning the next night because nothing big was missing but it was all set up to go. Things like the TV and stereo. Finally it was determined that the only thing he got was the broken, batteryless computer that I had left out in plain sight as a decoy. Long story short, we were able to hire a married couple (our housekeeper no less!) to stay in the house at night to protect it from further entry. At a cost of $20 per night so we have to factor that into the total cost of this trip now. At least we didn't have to cut our trip short.

The really pathetic thing is that the police would not take a report unless something was missing! No matter that both of our back doors have been ruined and that somebody was in the house. No matter that the padlocks on the two bedroom doors upstairs had been broken off and the doors kicked in. Doesn't count for shit I guess.

Meanwhile, we spent a great week touring Baja California South. Loved it! The boat ride was not that bad either. It is a big boat! We have since spent another night in Mazatlan, then headed south to San Blas. Spent two nights there exploring the beaches (which are vastly overrated!) and did a jungle riverboat tour. Stopped at Sayulita today but it was unbearably hot and humid, overcrowded and no cheap hotels to be found.

So now we are in Puerto Vallerta. Tomorrow we take a boat to the remote beaches of Yelapa to visit a friend of a friend.

Although still a bit worried about the break in, life goes on and so does this trip!

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