Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tickets are Bought

Spent a great night in Mazatlan last night. We sat on the great malecon that runs the entire length of the beachfront and watched surfers and the sun set into the Pacific Ocean. Earlier in the afternoon I actually got my feet wet in the Pacific. Haven´t done that since 19...oh never mind what year! Although it is a big tourist trap, I am glad we stopped there. We´ll be giving it a miss on our way back south though.

Took over 6 hours of freeway driving to get as far north today as Los Mochis. This is where we will be catching the train for Creel and the Copper Canyon. Spent most of this afternoon running around town buying tickets for the train and figuring out the schedule so that when we get back we can head on down to Topolobomba to catch the 5 hour ferry across the Sea of Cortez to Baja South. I am really not looking forward to this crossing. I have a morbid fear of being on open water. This will be quite the task for me.

We checked into one recommended hotel here and were so unimpressed that we actually walked out and went to a different hotel. The crowning glory was when we discovered that the toilet would not flush! I will spare you the details but it was not pretty! The staff was very rude (not about the toilet issue, just in general, so we decided a better hotel was in order.

Looks like I will be out of touch with the internet for a few days, possibly a week. Wish me luck on the stupid boat crossing!

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